Set of 5 mini rice bags - H7

Set of 5 mini rice bags - H7

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Sensory rice bags used for open ended play and enjoyed by all ages (just supervise little ones who are still in the mouthing stage). You will receive 5 rice bags in the designs in the photo, however pattern placement may vary.


These are great to have on hand if you are at home with little ones in self isolation or lockdown as they can be used in so many ways. A great little gift for little ones who can't go trick or treating this year, or for some family Halloween fun at home.


Here are some ideas for how to use your new rice bags, but you can come up with your own too:


  • Throw & catch (by yourself or with a friend)
  • Counting practice
  • Throw into a bucket or basket (try taking a step back every third one you get in to make the game harder)
  • Draw targets on the ground with chalk or use skipping ropes to make circles to throw them into. Add different points values for some addition practice
  • Juggle
  • Memory, matching and categorising games
  • See how long you can balance them on your head
  • Stack them
  • How many can you balance on your head? Or who can keep one on their head the longest?
  • See how far you can throw them down the hallway
  • Pillows, chairs or houses for your toys
  • Pretend food to play in the play kitchen
  • Pretend they are Pokéballs and throw them to catch Pokémon
  • Hand warmer – put in microwave for 10-15 seconds
  • Cold pack – keep one in the freezer for bumps and cuts or to cool down a feverish head


Don’t get them wet because they are full of rice! I also don't suggest kicking them unless you want a house full of rice. Inspect regularly and replace at signs of wear and tear.